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Our Motif

Our lamppost base motif draws loose inspiration from the iconic 'Claddagh Ring,' creating a strong connection to our Irish heritage within our exterior lights.

As the 'Claddagh Ring' gained widespread interest towards the end of the 20th century, evolving from a jewellery piece to a symbol reflecting historical significance, its symbolism became integrated into various objects, including traditional knitwear and serving as the central motif for our cast iron garden lights.

The interlace design and Celtic imagery inherent in the 'Claddagh Ring' have propelled its popularity globally, representing enduring themes of love, loyalty, and friendship. Often utilised as a symbol of friendship, it has also become a subtle indicator for those seeking companionship. Additionally, many embrace these rings as symbols of engagement and wedding commitments.

We take pride in infusing the 'Claddagh Ring' symbolism into our designs, making our products distinctly Irish.

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Our Outdoor Lights Collection

At Outdoor Lighting Ireland, we design and handcraft all our driveway lighting ranges. Our cast iron lamppost range is versatile, suitable for garden lights, driveway lights, wall lights, pillar lights, street lights, park lights, exterior lights, copper lights, and outdoor lights.

Our products are adaptable for both domestic and commercial projects, fully recyclable, and equipped with energy-efficient bulbs as standard.

The Casting Process

Our casting process involves pouring extremely hot molten metal into moulds placed in sandboxes. After setting, the rough casting undergoes meticulous finishing through sandblasting, grinding, machining work, and painting before being carefully wrapped for shipping.

Our Motif FAQ

Why did Outdoor Lighting Ireland choose the Claddagh Ring motif for its lamppost bases?

The Claddagh Ring motif was chosen for its lamppost bases as it holds deep roots in Irish culture and symbolism. This iconic Irish symbol represents love, loyalty, and friendship, making it a meaningful and culturally rich choice. The Claddagh Ring has experienced a surge in popularity, not only as jewelry but also as a motif in various objects. By incorporating this motif into our cast iron garden lights, we aim to create a unique and distinctly Irish connection within our exterior lighting designs.

How does the Claddagh Ring motif add uniqueness to Outdoor Lighting Ireland's products?

The Claddagh Ring motif adds a unique touch to Outdoor Lighting Ireland's products by infusing them with the rich symbolism and cultural significance of the Claddagh Ring. The interlace design and Celtic imagery associated with the ring have contributed to its worldwide appeal, and by incorporating these elements into our cast iron garden lights, we believe our products stand out with a touch of Irish heritage. Whether used as a symbol of friendship, love, or commitment, the Claddagh Ring motif makes our outdoor lights a distinctive and culturally resonant choice. If you have further questions or are interested in our lights, please explore our products page or contact us directly for more information.

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