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About Us

For outdoor lighting experts, contact Outdoor Lighting Ireland

About Us

Welcome to Outdoor Lighting Ireland, an Irish-owned family business dedicated to designing and handcrafting exquisite garden lights. With over 35 years of experience in engineering, our dedicated team, led by Niall and Joan, along with daughters Eva and Grace, and our loyal staff, takes pride in delivering the very best quality in exterior lighting.

Niall's journey began as a fitter in Ireland, advancing to advanced pipe welding and a career in commercial diving and salvage. Returning to the general engineering scene, we harnessed these skills and experiences to create a unique collection of cast iron garden lighting, setting a standard for high quality lighting solutions.

Our motif, inspired by the Claddagh ring design, blends Celtic imagery and symbolism, imparting a distinctive and appealing look to our cast iron lampposts. Throughout our time in business, we have garnered an excellent reputation for the quality and craftsmanship of our garden lighting products, leaving a trail of satisfied customers in Ireland, the UK, mainland Europe, and the USA.

For more information, please call Outdoor Lighting today.

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